My ultimate aspiration is to establish and cultivate a local church that stands apart from the rest. This church will not be a new religion or a new denomination, but rather a non-denominational Christian church that wholeheartedly spreads the teachings of the Bible while actively serving the community.

In today’s world, many churches refer to their place of worship as a “sanctuary,” yet they often overlook the true meaning of this term. I envision a church where individuals can find solace and refuge, a place where they can seek respite from the challenges of life. Whether it is through worship, a listening ear, or practical assistance, our church will always be there for its members.

My vision is to create a church and a church community that is centered on helping the local community and guiding them closer to God. Our focus will not be on appearances or the grandeur of our building, but rather on the genuine impact we can make in people’s lives. Together, we will strive to be a beacon of hope and support, embodying the true essence of a sanctuary.